Compressing files before uploading

Zipping or "compressing" a file or folder is an easy way to ensure your files upload both quickly and properly.

Here are a couple of quick tips for compressing.

On a PC (Windows XP or better), create a folder and put the files needed in it, then right click, select "send to," and finally "Compressed (zipped) Folder."


On a Mac (OS X or better), the process is almost the same although the version of OSX might make the wording different. Ok… Create a file folder, then put the files in it. Then you need to do the same as a right click in Windows. Either hit "ctrl" and then click the mighty mouse on the folder or get a two button mouse so you can right click. If you are using Leopard, then after right clicking you want to select "compress." Older versions of Mac OS’s may call this archive etc.