Political Printing

Who we are.

As we approach our twenty-fifth year of business in the Sacramento area, we want our tremendous growth and success to show through our outstanding quality, service, and competitive prices. Established from humble beginnings, we attribute our success to developing a company that meets the needs of our valued customers. But what really distinguishes us from our competitors is our exceptional customer service team. Our employees work as a team, partnering with our clients to deliver a product that fulfills their visual communication needs.

Political Printing

Commerce Printing Services is a full service union facility. We offer political direct mail, postcards, door hangers; whatever your needs may be, we can produce it for you. We offer the entire package, from printing to the post office, and our presses run 24/7 to ensure that we deliver high quality products at a fast turnaround for efficient distribution.

What we do.

We are continually expanding our services to meet the growing needs of our clients. Using the most up-to-date processes, we produce books, magazines, programs, directories, direct mail, catalogs, manuals and annual reports. We have the ability to produce virtually any project you have in mind. We provide fulfillment, direct mail, storage, inventory control and design services.

How we do it...

Pride. Quality. Results. At Commerce Printing Services we take pride in the quality of our work and the results we produce for our clients. We provide the equipment, tools and skilled craftsmen necessary to create outstanding visual communication products that meet our clients’ specific needs.

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Vegetable Ink

We use only non-toxic vegetable based inks. Our inks are far more environmentally friendly to produce than traditional inks, and are biodegradable, making it easier to recycle printed materials. What's more is they are even brighter and more vibrant than traditional inks, making your product all the more attractive.

We use bio-diesel

We partnered with Performance Chevrolet and InterState Oil Company to implement new biodiesel vans in our fleet, using a non-toxic, low–emissions fuel derived from renewable resources.

Printed Using 100% Wind Power

We have one of the lowest carbon footprints in our market, thanks to our state-of-the-art press room technology and use of 100% wind energy.